Motorola Symbol LS-2208

經濟實用的條碼掃描器 BarCode Scanner

Model: Symbol (Motorola) LS2208

Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner - 屬於Motorola出產的優質條碼掃描器,靈活方便的連接,性能卓越快捷,可解讀所有國際標準格式1D條碼,解碼率每秒100次,使工作效率大大提高。
能適應室內及室外環境操作(工作溫度 0°C-50°C),高抗震能力。另可選配備支架能啟動免提式自動掃描功能。

Colour: Twilight black, Cash register white
Corded: Yes
Dimensions: 6 in. H x 2.5 in. W x 3.34 in. D 15.2 cm H x 6.3 cm W x 8.4 cm
Hand-held: Yes
Power source: Host power or external power supply; depends on host type
Voltage and current: 5 volts +/- 10% at 130 mA typical, 175 mA max
Weight: 5.15 oz./146 g

Decode capability: 1D, See data sheet for full list of supported symbologies
Depth of field: From contact to 17 in./43 cm on 100% U.P.C./EAN symbols
Interfaces supported: IBM, Keyboard wedge, RS-232, Synapse, USB, Wand
Minimum resolution: 20% minimum reflective difference
Pitch3: 2 +/-65 degrees
Roll (Tilt)4: 1 +/-30 degrees
Scan pattern: Single line
Skew (Yaw)5: 3 +/-60 degrees
Technology: Laser
Ambient light immunity: Immune to direct exposure of normal office and factory lighting conditions, as well as direct exposure to sunlight
Drop specifications: Unit functions normally after repeated 5 ft/1.5 m drops to concrete
Operating temperature: 32° to 122° F/0° to 50° C
Storage temperature: -40° to 158° F/-40° to 70° C

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